Adaptable Client Data Repository

Ensure that all your data collection processes are effective and help you provide a 360-degree view of your customer in one central location

Adaptable Client Data Repository

Keep your customer data in one central location and define the information that will be kept on your customers according to their risk profile.

InScope lets you configure custom fields and define KYC rules to specify which field or document is mandatory or optional in different scenarios.

Customer information and documents can be imported from an existing application, input by your team or by clients themselves through the self-service portal. 

InScope then presents this information in user-friendly screens such as the client overview dashboard and company structure charts.


Data Migration

InScope can easily import data from your existing systems, whether these are complex spreadsheets, databases, or other AML/KYC systems you have decided to walk away from.


Checklists and Custom Fields

InScope functionality can easily be extended to include custom checklists and custom fields that you can leverage to facilitate the collection of client data that is specific to your organization or risk policy.


Recurring Tasks

InScope can be configured to trigger recurring ad-hoc tasks on each entity. These can be useful to enforce policies such as ensuring that file reviews are carried out periodically and data is kept up to date.


Client Overview Dashboards

Provides a snapshot of the most important information related to a specific client, whether these are individuals or companies. For individuals this includes full details of direct and indirect ownership and other positions held. For corporate entities, the dashboard provides all the details of shareholders, ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs), directors, controllers, officers, subsidiaries, holding companies, allowing you to easily visualise relationships between the various entities within the system.


Structure Charts

Allows you to easily build corporate structure charts. The system automatically calculates the percentage owned by each ultimate beneficial owner (UBO). InScope supports complex structure charts such as those involving multiple layers, nominee shareholders, trusts, foundations or listed companies.


Set Custom Field

Client Overview Dashboard - Individual

Structure Chart

Client Overview Dashboard - Company